SNOMED CT Social context

The Social context hierarchy contains social conditions and circumstances significant to healthcare. Content includes such areas as family status, economic status, ethnic and religious heritage, life style, and occupations. These concepts represent social aspects affecting patient health and treatment. Some sub-hierarchies of social context and concepts typical of those sub-hierarchies are shown in the following examples.


  • Ethnic group (ethnic group): 
    • Afro-Caribbean (ethic group)
    • Estonians (ethnic group)
  • Occupation (occupation):
    • Bank clerk (occupation)
    • Carpenter, general (occupation)
  • Person (person):
    • Employer (person)
    • Bodyfriend (person)
    • Caregiver (person)
  • Religion/philosophy (religion/philosophy):
    • Hinduism (religion/philosophy)
    • Orthodix Christian religion (religion/philosophy)
  • Economic status (social concept):
    • Middle class economic status (social concept)
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