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IHTSDO Public Consultation on an IHTSDO Draft Standard – SNOMED CT Query Specification version 0.08

You are invited to participate in the consultation on a specification for a standard SNOMED CT Query Language version 0.8 that can be used to select members of a simple concept reference set. This specification can be used to define value sets that may be bound to fields in information models, or to define sets of concepts to be included or excluded in particular use-cases.

The intended audience for this document includes technical professionals who are involved in the development or implementation of terminology systems or healthcare information systems that use SNOMED CT. This specification should be used in cases where it is required to create and maintain reference sets and value sets of SNOMED CT concepts that are based on intensional definitions.

This specification has been reviewed by the IHTSDO Community of Practice and contains updates following the review and responses received. The IHTSDO Management Board has approved this specification as an IHTSDO draft standard for public consultation over a period of six months. Please forward all feedback on the specification to John Gutai at by 14th June, using the feedback sheet.

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