2010 Update


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 Santiago Martin


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 Gonzalo Marco


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National Activities

The focus of the NRC is to broaden the use of SNOMED CT in Spain's National Health System. Beginning in 2009 and throughout 2010, the NRC's major activities involved training trainers. The aim of this educational program was to ensure that the main users, clinical professionals and technical people, are aware of the benefits of using SNOMED CT. Other activities focused on the distribution of SNOMED CT, creating subsets for the Patient Summary to be validated by experts, and developing national procedures for managing terminology in the national semantic interoperability road map.   

Spain actively participates in the IHTSDO through the General Assembly, Management Board, Member Forum and other committees and working groups, the main objective being to learn from the experience of other member countries.  

Implementation Plans and Activities

The strategic direction of the NRC has focused on the use of SNOMED CT in the National Electronic Health Record System and, specifically, in the Patient Summary content. Other activities involve the development of specific plans and guidelines for national governance.

Allergy and Vaccination Reference Set
Activities have also focused on the development of an Allergies and Vaccinations subset. This first phase aims to review, evaluate and develop several subsets that could meet the needs of clinical professionals within this context. The subsets will be made available in 2011. 

Smart Open Services for European Patients (epSoS)
As members of the epSOS project, we have analyzed how SNOMED CT can be used within the Master Value Set Catalogue.  

Translation plans and Activities

There is a roadmap for writing the current Spanish release in South American Spanish one subset at a time and subsequently distributing them into the core system. The translation of SNOMED CT into the rest of the languages of Spain is already planned, as well as the necessary working groups and who will participate in them.

Affiliate Licensees and Activities

Some hospitals and regional authorities have action plans for implementing SNOMED CT in different areas, e.g. alerts, drugs, pathology and allergies. Several regional authorities have also provided training plans for clinical users. In addition to a growing interest in using SNOMED CT in clinical areas and medical specialties, mappings with other terminologies such as ICD-9-CM, ICPC-2 or LOINC and subsets development are also of special interest.

Number of Affiliate licensees

There were a total of 83 affiliates as of 30th December 2010 

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