2009 Update

National activities

Spain is a new IHTSDO Member since April 2009. The major priorities were focused in educational and communication activities, along with the creation of a strategic plan for implementation of SNOMED CT within the National Health System. The National Centre launched an online licence registration and enabled a download area for SNOMED CT on the official site of the Ministry Health and Social Policy in September 2009. Please visit http://www.msps.es/profesionales/hcdsns/areaRecursosSem/snomed-ct/

Spain is actively participating in the IHTSDO through the General Assembly, Management Board, Member Forum, Standing Committees and and Working Groups. 

Implementation plans and other activities

We are working on the use of SNOMED CT for the standardization of the Patient Summary contents within the National Electronic Health Record System. 

Affiliate activities

Many organizations have shown interest in getting a licence. Currently, the most widespread use of SNOMED CT in Spain is the Anatomic Pathology area and its clinical application (e.g. Oncology). However, the interest of using SNOMED CT in other clinical areas and medical specialties is increasing. In fact, several organizations have ongoing research projects oriented to its implementation in the Electronic Health Record of different centres.

Number of Affiliate licensees

The number of accepted affiliate licenses between September and December 2009, is twenty two. 

Translation plans and activities
The first phase of translating SNOMED CT consists of a review of the current Spanish International Release in terms of Spanish of Argentina to Spanish of Spain. This work has been planned subset by subset. The translation of SNOMED CT to the rest of languages of Spain has been planned too in a second phase. In order to do all, different Working Groups are needed and their compositions have been identified. More

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