2009 Update

We are approaching our last year of the project "an interdisciplinary terminology" where SNOMED CT is one important part besides concepts and terms as well as classifications. Much focus in the project is being put on producing methods and guidelines for the future development of an interdisciplinary terminology. The last year of the project will also focus on the governance and development of the maintenance organisation and how different professional groups should be involved in the further development. 

The translation is well underway. We have now reached over 225,000 translated and quality assured concepts. The translation is scheduled to be finished in July 2010. The next step, which has been underway for some time, is the qualification of the translation. This is being done for example in one of our major regions where they are now mapping the terminology from their local templates to SNOMED CT to see if there is a match. This will be finished by the summer with an aim to gradually implement the result to their EHR. In February the NRC decided to release the so far translated Swedish extension with limitation of usage, ie only for viewing. Since the quality aspect is of main importance we need to qualify the translation further.

There are several pilots in process in areas such as elderly care, psychiatry, quality registers etc. Much focus of the Swedish work is to link and develop the terminology used within social care and also in relation to the health sector. The NRC is also involved with the work on creating a national substance register including SNOMED CT. Three pilots focusing on modelling and mapping between SNOMED CT and the national terminology database and non-surgical part of the Swedish procedure classifications will start during the spring. These three pilots are also involving the IHTSDO workbench. 

Efforts are also being put on information and communication, there are several conferences planned, both as organizers and as participants. Our annual conference will this year occur in April and is focusing on qualification and implementation of the interdisciplinary terminology. We are frequently having meetings with target groups such as affiliates, professional organisations, vendors, universities, regions etc. The NRC work closely together with other ICT projects within the country in areas regarding archetypes, information structures, patient summaries amongst others as well as on information and communication. One major issue that is being worked on and planned for is terminology binding. More 

There are at present 56 affiliate licenses issued to a divided group of individual persons, vendors, research departments at universities, county councils and hospitals. There is affiliate information on our webpage and there is a closed website set up for affiliates. For more information, please visit www.socialstyrelsen.se/facksprak

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