Standing Committees

The four standing Committees of the International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation are the: 

The Committees provide advice to the Management Board. Ad hoc committees may also be established by the Management Board from time to time, according to the Articles of Association. 

All four Committees share the following ways of working:

  • Face to face meetings will be held at least two times a year. Monthly conference calls will be scheduled so that business may be addressed more rapidly if required.
  • The IHTSDO principles of openness and collaboration will underpin the Committee's working methods, with the support of technical/communications infrastructure for the sharing and management of documents and for consultation with others. 
  • In keeping with IHTSDO policy, members will declare potential or actual conflicts of interests with Committee agenda items and these will be managed by the Chair.  
  • The Committee will uphold the Articles of Association and conform to the IHTSDO Regulations, Policies and Procedures where they apply to the Committee activities.
  • The Meeting Minutes from each Committee will be published.
  • The Committee will periodically review these Terms of Reference and will revise them as necessary and appropriate.  This will ensure that Committee responsibilities accurately reflect the IHTSDO work plan, and the activities, interests and contributions from Members and the community of interest.
  • The Chair will take responsibility for taking the Committee's recommendations to the Management Board and providing members with feedback on the outcomes of their contribution.
  • The Chair will work with Chairs of the other Committees to ensure co-ordination across Committees, Project and Interest Groups and effective joint working when appropriate. 
  • During face to face meetings, parallel sessions cannot be avoided. The Committee is keen to promote joint meetings with other Committees, particularly on areas of joint interest.
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