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Management Board

The Management Board has overall responsibility for the management and direction of the IHTSDO. The Management Board, and each Director individually, has a duty to act in a manner which it or s/he, reasonably believes is in best interests of the IHTSDO and is consistent with the pursuit and the protection of the Purpose, Objects and Principles of the IHTSDO. 

Management Board Representatives - October -2014

Ian Arrowsmith, National Health Service UK

John van Beek, Chair, NICTIZ

David Bunker. MTIM. GAICD. National eHealth Transition Authority Australia

Kathy Farndon, NHS England  

Jamie Ferguson, Kaiser Permanente

Duncan McNeil, PumpCo

Jeremy Thorp, National Health Service UK

Andrew M. Wiesenthal, MD, SM, Deloitte Consulting

Julian Zelingher, MD, MSc, MPH, Clalit Health Service


Management Board Nominations and Elections

Each year about half the IHTSDO Management Board seats come up for election. Nominations, which are due around 1st July each year, require the support of a General Assembly member, although Management Board Directors could come from any country, are elected on the basis of skills, and represent the interests of IHTSDO rather than a particular Member country. The General Assembly elects the Management Board Directors in July. Terms start in October and run for two years.

Skills that IHTSDO and its Members are seeking in Management Board Directors include experience in editing or implementing SNOMED CT or another terminologies, knowledge of classifications and grouping methodologies, experience in financial and/or investment management, experience in software design and development, and experience with national or international standards development.

For more information about how to pursue a position as an IHTSDO Management Board Director, please see the Management Board Nomination Form below or contact an appropriate Member country.