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Management Board

The Management Board has overall responsibility for the management and direction of the IHTSDO. The Management Board, and each Director individually, has a duty to act in a manner which it or s/he, reasonably believes is in best interests of the IHTSDO and is consistent with the pursuit and the protection of the Purpose, Objects and Principles of the IHTSDO. 

Management Board Representatives - October 2016

Ian Arrowsmith, National Health Service UK

John van Beek, Cerberus

Kathy Farndon, NHS England  

Jamie Ferguson, Chair, Kaiser Permanente

Doug Fridsma, AMIA

Duncan McNeil, PumpCo

Manuel Pérez Vallina, SACYL (Castilla y León Region Healthcare Authority)

Jeremy Thorp, National Health Service UK

Andrew M. Wiesenthal, MD, SM, Deloitte Consulting

Julian Zelingher, MD, MSc, MPH, Clalit Health Service